Loft Conversions

At E M Refurbishment, we have been providing our loft conversion service to the properties of Sutton and Surrey for many years. With this, we have gained expert knowledge and a great deal of experience in the trade.

Our loft conversion service allows you to expand the available space within your property without having to give up any of the outdoor space. The lofts of our homes are often used as a storage space; however, at E M Home Refurbishment, we believe lofts have much more potential and can serve a functional purpose to suit many different needs. There are many reasons why you may opt for a loft conversion, whether you are expanding your family or wish for quiet office space, we can take care of that for you. Not only do our loft conversions create more space within your home, but they also increase the value of your property. Therefore, when undergoing a loft conversion service in your home, you will be saving yourself money if ever you come to sell at a later date. Adding an extra room with a conversion project will make your property appear much more desirable to potential buyers. This means not only will you sell at a higher value; it shouldn’t be as much hassle.

Our loft conversions at E M Home Refurbishment are becoming increasingly popular in consideration to home extension builds. Not only will you have the benefit of the extra space the extension provides, but the disruption to your home will also be kept to a minimum. Unlike building extensions, loft conversion projects can run no matter what the weather. This means a loft conversion would likely be a much quicker and an easier choice when it comes down to creating your perfect, new room.

If you are looking for a professional team to assist you with a high-quality loft conversion service, look no further than our team at E M Home Refurbishment in Doncaster. Why not give us a call today on 07769680245 for a no-obligation quote or any further information you may require.